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Woodturner based in  Co Laois Ireland.  I  make everything from toys to segmented vases to goblets with gemstone inserts. I enjoy working with wood having made  a working spinning wheel, a oak  folding table and a dolls house among other items.
 Most of my work I sell in my Etsy shop.

Table in oak turned on wood lathe
Table made in oak on my lathe
Spinning wheel turned on wood lathe
Spinning wheel made in oak on my lathe

The table I  made in Oak. The top was made from  two pieces of oak dowel jointed and then turned on a pivoting head lathe to true up and add the outside beading, I made this some 15 years ago it still stands. The spinning wheel was a real challenge its all in oak  the wheel is four sections joined then trued on my lathe


Dolls House front view
Dolls House
Dolls house inside
Dolls house inside

The dolls house I made very time consuming but enjoyable to make. It took many hours to make.  I did think I could get into making them to sell but for the amount of hours versus the price I would receive it was’nt  viable. Its made in 3/8 inch plywood, windows  and doors all handmade, wallpaper downloaded from internet and printed.

Pooh with honey pot
Pooh with Honey pot

Pooh bear with wood honey pot, Pooh is  crochet all in one piece ie its crochet from the feet up to the head no seems. Honey pot is limed ash wood with teak honey stick.  More info available at Maryswoolly wonders on Facebook

Etsy Shop made in wood
madeinwood woodcraft
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