Making  model trucks can be great fun, quite challenging working on small parts but very rewarding to see the finished item. My main work is on American trucks which i make using photos and technical details. I generally  scale the American trucks at about 20 to1. Below are images of some of my trucks. If you are interested in any email me and I can send more photos of each model and accurate dimensions.  The models are not meant for very young children although they are strong with young children parts could break off. They are more a working display model.

Model Trucks

Kenworth 900l Semi-Truck

Kenworth model side view
Kenworth model rear view
Kenworth truck in wood
Kenworth engine

Model of Kenworth 900l semi-truck made in hardwoods to a scale of 18 to1. The model has a pivoting hood to show the engine, opening doors, opening emergency hatches on the sleeper cab, pivoting front wheels, air rear suspension, 5th wheel, etc. The model took many hours of work using many photos and drawings of the truck.

Kenworth 900l model 2

A pair of Kenworth trucks
Kenworth cab view

Two different styles of Kenworth 900l truck all made in hardwoods.  Also photo of cab details.

Hardwood model of Peterbilt logging truck

Peterbilt semi truck model with logging trailer

Model of American Peterbilt semi-truck and logging trailer. The model is at a scale of approx. 20 to1 and measures  15 inches for the truck with a total length of 32 inches with the trailer. The model is built in various hardwoods and has working front axle, working trailer hitch etc. I make the models from photo’s this model is based on a 2006 Peterbilt 389. They do take quite a few hours to make and for this model or similar with trailer I would charge 150 euro plus postage. Contact me if interested.

Mack Tipper Truck

Mack tipper truck
Mack tipper truck

Mack tipper truck

Tipper truck based on a 1990s Mack tipper built all in various hardwoods. The truck is at a scale of roughly 20 to 1 and measures 15 inches long. It has a working tipping actioned by a lever on the side. The tailgate locks and front wheels turn. I sell these models for around  100 euro  plus postage.

Crane truck with extending jib

Wood model crane lorry
Wood model crane truck with extending jib

Crane truck

Crane truck in hardwood with extending jib and winding hook. The hook mechanism is shown in one of the photos, the crane has side supports for when the jib is extended. The crane truck is 15 inches long.

Cat wheeled loader

Cat wheeled loader model
Cat wheeled loader

Cat wheeled loader

Cat wheeled loader in a scale of about 25 to 1  made in various hardwoods and softwoods

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