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Woodturner based in Co. Laois, Ireland making wooden gifts from goblets to Danish style candlesticks. My  goblets are my main interest and seller. I turn them with captive rings and the insert ground up gemstone into the rings and goblet, the gemstone is then sanded and polished. Its time consuming but very satisfying to see the end product.  Lichtenburg fractals on my platters make a lovely tree like pattern Lichtenburg uses high voltage to burn patterns on wood the results can be very attractive and un predictable. My Amish style marble game make a fun marble toy for young and old. For the older I do a teak desktop version in teak wood with chrome ball bearings they are a display item as well as fun to use,  made for that man or lady that has everything.  The rings I make are woods from rosewood to olive wood with stainless steel inserts and matching cuff links can be made to order. The pens sets comprise a fountain pen, rollerball pen and pencil in a matching wood presentation box.  I sell on Etsy but contact me if you would like something not on my Etsy shop and if i can make it I will. I never part with anything I dont like myself,  I like perfection but perfection is like infinity you never get there you always see a improvement you could make.I am registered with Design & Crafts Council Ireland’s (DCCI) Register of Craft Enterprises as a Craft Enthusiast. 

Gallery of woodturned products

A gallery of my wooden gifts,  most are available in my Etsy shop.  Any   you are interested in that are not in my shop  drop me a E-mail and if I have them i will list them on Etsy. My prices range from 100 euro plus postage for the traction engine or large segmented vase down to  30 euro for the wood rings on stainless steel inserts with free postage.
All my products are made by me in my workshop

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