Made in Wood - Quality woodcraft from Ireland.

Welcome to my web site.

What do i make and why stay on my site

Well I dont sell anything I dont like and if you are not happy with anything you buy from me I will accept returns.


I make them with two captive rings,  gemstone inserts and silver inserts, these are a lovely wedding present, anniversary present or a love you gift for your partner, they come with a presentation box and engraving on the goblet base.


I make all sizes from small bowls for  crisps, peanuts to large salad bowls.


I make from tractors to traction engines all in hard wood with no nails or screws.


I make a amish style automata game uses marbles in pine or one  for the older generation   in teak wood with chrome ball bearings.


I have two varieties one is Danish style with a base so they can’t fall over made in recycled teak. My other is a teak holder for 3 inch candles, great for dark winter nights.


These are very time consuming and require very good accuracy, but very rewarding to make. They are very attractive and unique.

This is just a  small selection of what I make, there is more on my Etsy site.

I am registered with Design & Crafts Council Ireland’s (DCCI) Register of Craft Enterprises as a Craft Enthusiast. 

Elm goblet with silver inserts

A goblet turned from Irish Elm with 3mm argentium silver inserts, two captive rings with a presentaion box  and engraving o f your choice on the base. Check out my Etsy shop for my range of goblets.

spinning top with magnetic feature

Spinning top made in Beech and Teak. The top is started with the launcher. Pull the string and release the top. Then pick up the top with the launcher and carry it around while its spinning, its great fun. How does it pick up the top, a magnet.

Illusion wood plate
3D illusion bowl

The intricate work of segmenting to give 3D look, very time consuming all cut by hand on  a band saw and carefully glued and aligned. No cnc or laser machine used.

Wooden American Logging truck
American truck in wood

Wood model based on American  Peterbilt truck complete with logging trailer. Built with various hardwoods the model has a total length of 34 inches, the truck is 16 inches long.

Etsy Shop made in wood
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